Aug 14, 2011

iftar with the awesomes!

aku kena saman tak curi tagline org? :P

as digembar gemburkan,the gbs(wtf?) had an iftar @ ain's place
it was awesome, we went to the bazaar, bought a lot of foods, went to downtown cheras, watched movies n we camwhored. of course :P

warning : this post contains a lot of pictures. ALOT :O

five of us!
hidup block E wehhh!

the 'tuan rumah' :) thanks 'ain for inviting us!

ma babes!

nothing can break us..even kentut busuk :P

still cant get enough of 24/7 hehe
me got a stable hand. hihihi :)

someone kissed me! :O

awan nado2! dua2 pun nado!

fisheye yawww!

okay,this is a scene from a hari raya commercial ;

look at the evil stepmum and the innocent child hehe

okay this is the freaky version :\

birthday girlll!

and let me introduce y'all my babes, only a brief introduction :\

this is 'ain. She is the serious one among us i think :\. She's cute! she can easily lose weight and gain weight. hek3 :P I know that she likes to read books *zzzzZZzzzzz she's studying medicine in Egypt, so she's going to be a doctor!  and she's a bit secretive i think

this is Nadia/Nado. I knew her since I was 7 :O pretty impressive! we went to the same boarding school. She's really good in English, she has this concept of writing in English. if it sounds good then  it's correct haha. she's like the best person to talk to when u're in trouble!

this is Shazea/Shazzyrasa. She's the loudest one among us, haha believe me..if not we wouldn't call her RosnahMatAris. lol Shes always happy,i mean from the outside. such a happy go lucky person. ohhh and..she used to be really chubby, :O now shes like a skeleton! but then only the appearance change, whats inside is still there, and i love it!

this is Afiqah/Afiq. She's funny, and weird. She's Mike's[ain's cat] doctor. how awesome is that. A vet! She's in love with a guy name AmirHamzah, but then she refuse to admit that. haha sorry Afiq! :P We love to tease her..haha i love the jalankaki jokes! muahhhh <3

well this is me, munn. too lazy to write about me.. 

so thanks a lot guys for a memorable day!, see u guys later. hari rayaponboleh! :D


nadd. said...

awhhhhh terpaling sweet ever.

this is moon, she is the sweetest among all of us eventhough sometimes she looks like she didn't care. we love her. a lot! a wholeeee bunch of love.hehehe

cik bulan said...

hahhaha sayang korang wehhh <3 !

shazzy :) said...

tunggu shazzy rase punye pulak k!

Afiq Nigahiga said...

sori saya xde blog.xmcm korunk.awwww~!!!

woi perlu ke ltk name amir kt ctu ek??lempang kang!!hahaha
dlu je ak xadmit.tu nk smbunyikn dri korunk.ok?!

aah...mmg lpas ni ak jln kaki la kn.hahaha

xoxo! syg korunk!! <3 <3

Izyan Hanis said...

kite kenal ain !


dulu masa 1st year sama kelas practical dgn die

bila naek 2nd year
no ID kene rombak balik
so dah xsama