Aug 14, 2011

me got no sleep.

hello :) watcha doin? -.- okay why suddenly i sound like this? maybe because im sleepy,or crazy, or excited, or awesome, or hungy?

btw, i'm home. got a lot of things to do, and i have math test on monday, 2 assignments and lab in the morning. how cool is that -.- well so not cool :\

today i accompanied my mother to the frame shop. was it a frame shop?or a mirror shop. i dont know, but something has to be done there. then, we walked, to find me a pair of jeans. and i got one.a blue jeans,slim cut..thats all.. but then we walked again, and found another jeans, and we bought it. and then a shirt, and a pair of shoes ..hihi

the 2nd jeans i bought is a skinny jeans. it fits perfectly and it is so soft, and comfy and light and blablablabla.. and my mom is the one who gave it to me to try on :\ i never thought that my mom would hand me a skinny jeans and a chino pants. i always wanted a chino pants, but then it was too big :O and there was only a pair of chino there. it's okay , it's not that important but i'll get it some other day :) hik3 already got a plan! jeng3

well obviously i did zero of study today, hope that all the study thingy will be done by tomorrow evening as i am so freaking cuak right now :\ good luck to my buddies. please pray that i dnt do any online shopping, because i did my first online shpping last week, and it was awesome. bought something from here hehe.

coming soon :)
but what should i pair up with the chino?
thinkkkkk :\

nyte2 everyone, will update about iftar with gbs later! <3


.::meanieninie::. said...

ahh,chino pants! me want to find one,tapi nnt beli lagi mak saya marah banyak beli online hehe
maybe i'll hear reviews from you baru consider nk beli! wee ~
btw,mcm model tuh pakai dah nice,or a blouse yang mcm chiffon skit ke would be great! just don't hide the belt,it is part of showing it! *lepas sahur nye adrenaline* :p

cik bulan said...

kalau my review, mungkin dalam 2 bulan lagi hehehe kan..kena tunjuk the belt i have to campak keluar my belly first!!! hehe inshaallah boleh hehee.. hehe mesti ninie selalu bukak online shop ahaha

shikin said...

saja je kan kau bagi link tu. nak tarik aku sama2 ke lembah shoppping. hahahah :D

cik bulan said...

aku tak nak kedekut..kita kena share! nak=mpak tak kualiti kawan yang baik tuh kat aku haha

shikin said...

hahahha weyy aku dah usha. ada baju cantik aku nak beli gak!! uuuuuuuuuuuu terima kasih ajar aku. kehkehkeh :D

cik bulan said...

keh3 okay..goodluck shopping hehe! jgn addict sudahhh :P