Sep 5, 2011

a year ago

this was my status last year on 6th september.

and only those who r close to me know the message behind the ABC thingy haha.
awhhhhhhh =D


affeqahrohaizat said...

ahhaha... baguih2..........

lady D said...

and i'm very much offended by the fact that i didn't know what's behind the normal ABC! it just shows that im no longer close to u! sedihhhhh!!!!!!!

cik bulan said...

eqa : heeeeee

die2 : awhhhh :'( we're not so close..but u're like the best alwayssleepy-but-gorgeous-and-awesome-and-funnehhh sister i ever had :D i miss youhhhh! sayang didie!!!!

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